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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Classroom Library Part 2…

My kiddos and I are making progress on our classroom library.  HOPEFULLY by the last day of school we’ll have it up & running correctly! I’ve read and researched; pinterested (is that a word) and googled; and thought about this overwhelming library for weeks!  Throughout all of this searching I have found several WONDERFUL sites for labels.  I’m a BIG believer in not recreating the wheel when you don’t have to, know what I mean?!? 

You can find labels on these sites:  (MY favorites!)

Here are some before pictures:


And here are some “in progress” pictures:





MAYBE by May 18th (last day of school), you’ll see some after pictures!

We found out this week, (keep in mind that we have 9 weeks left) that we need to have students continuously writing book reviews.  SO….in our library, I have created and implemented a Book Review Binder.  My kiddos are LOVING it!  You can see the binder here.  I’m also attaching some freebies that you can download in my TPT store.  It’s a great way to see what your kids are reading and how they feel about the books they are choosing.  It’s really interesting to see two Read to Someone and have completely different reviews!

 DSC00363 Explanation of stars on front cover for reference.

DSC00364 Blank Book Review Pages for students to fill out and place behind their tabs.  My babies have to fill one of these out each time they go to the Book Nook.  They have to choose a book to write about and log the other books on the form below.

DSC00365 Reading Log to keep track of all books read.

DSC00371 Overview of Genres for reference.  I found it on a blog somewhere and can’t remember where!  If you know, please leave me a note letting me know!!

To grab this freebie, click HERE!

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Springtime regrouping game anyone??

Hoppily Regrouping.gif
Enter to win my new regrouping activity on Teachers Pay Teachers!!  FUN FUN FUN! My kiddos love this game and I think yours will too!  It’s easy to enter. You need to follow me here, leave a message with contact details, and follow my TPT store!  On Sunday evening I’ll use to choose the winner.  Here’s to Hoppin’ Good Luck!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yay! I’ve been given an award!!!

Cynthia @ chose my blog as a Top 10 Blog!  I’m so excited!  
Five months ago this award was created to encourage teachers who blog.
Since that time, there have been MANY new bloggers who deserve some high fives from the blogging community.

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Are there certain blogs that you return to day after day that continually provide you with inspiration? Then why not give them an award to say a big thank you! Here are some Top 10 blogs! (I'll add more as I come across them!)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Pictures & the Stomach Bug…

Who would have thought they were connected?  I never would have dreamed…until this year!  Thursday was class picture day and I had encouraged all of my sweet ones to be there for the special day.  I forgot one important word of advice.  If you are sick, stay home!  One of my babies wanted to be in our pictures so badly that she came to school with a stomach virus.  Yeap, full blown, been yacking all morning before coming to school…NICE, right?!  Mom brought her, filled me in on the wonderful details and asked that we get our picture taken first so that her baby could go back home and rest!  We happily obliged and now…as my babies are happily chugging away at school enjoying their day, I am at home nursing myself back to health.    Be careful, your children want to make you happy even at a cost!  Moral of the story – always add a disclosure to your requests!
On a happier note, my hubs brought this little fellow home yesterday to cheer me up!  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Help! I’m embarrassed to show you my lack of classroom library organization…

Seriously, my classroom library is LITERALLY going to make me pull my hair out! in need of a makeover!  My kids & I have worked really hard all year to keep it organized in subjects & genres.  Our book piles keep growing which is driving me crazy fantastic!  However, our boxes and strength to keep organizing is not growing!  As you can see below, we have books coming out of our ears.  (I spend a lot of time at Goodwill and yard sales buying books!)  I love being able to put my hands on books when I need them.  That’s what I love about sorting books by subjects or genres.  HELP!  What do we do?  How do you organize your library?  Genres?  Reading levels?  Free for all?  I want something easy for my kiddos to manage.  They LOVE being in charge of the library!  My goal for the next two weeks is to fix this situation…I’ll keep you posted.

IMG_5833  IMG_5834

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Permission To Pin–Pinterest!

If you’re on pinterest – listen up!  I didn’t realize this earlier but you HAVE to have permission to pin from a blog.  Check out Laura Candler’s blog for more information.  She is a blogging guru!  I was reading through 2nd Grade Rocks blog and found info.  If you find anything you like on my blog – feel free to pin it on pinterest!  In fact, check out my boards on pinterest and follow me!