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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daily Five Update!


As you can see, my students are really loving it!  We are completely and totally in LOVE with the Daily Five.  Besides the normal distractions of a typical classroom, it’s going great!  It’s really fun to watch the kids get into it.  We have a graph that I found on First Grade Brain to document our stamina. We started out slowly like the book recommends and are working our way up.   My students LOVE watching the graph grow.   I even had one child come in one morning and tell me she had practiced her stamina the night before.  Pretty amazing!

Like everyone else, we have had budget restrictions.  This has demanded that I be resourceful with our activities.  Instead of the awesome book boxes from Really Good Stuff (that I REALLY wanted), we are using recyclable grocery bags.  I simply emailed parents and asked for donations.  My AP is also very supportive and donated a lot of bags.  I use a number system in my classroom, so each child has a numbered bag and a numbered hook.  (IF I remember my camera tomorrow, I’ll post pictures!)  It was like Christmas the first day.  My students were thrilled to have their OWN bags of books!

Our school system has several “have-to’s” in our instruction.  Once we are completely up and running, I’m sure these will be much easier to implement.  I’m including my plans so that you can see how I managed our time and “have-to’s”. 

I’m learning how to create all of the cute plans and activities!  Be patient with me!  Smile

Daily 5 - Week 1

If you are going to try Daily Five, read the book!  It’s impossible to fully understand and implement without reading The Daily Five!

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