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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Daily 5, here we come!

daily 5If you haven’t read the Daily 5, get the book now!!   I read it a few weeks ago and have been kicking it around in my head ever since.  I’m finally ready to start.  I can’t wait until Monday. Unfortunately I still have my “have-to’s” in our reading block but I believe that’s the great part about the Daily 5.  We will be able to fill in the have-to’s.

Since reading the book I’ve been watching my kids during literacy stations.  They are going through the actions but are not truly engaged!  They are all participating in wonderful, exciting activities but honestly, while watching them I am thinking…this could be so much more meaningful!  Stamina?  What stamina?!?  I’m so ready to get it going.  I’ll fill you in on the first day!

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