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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Classroom Library Part 2…

My kiddos and I are making progress on our classroom library.  HOPEFULLY by the last day of school we’ll have it up & running correctly! I’ve read and researched; pinterested (is that a word) and googled; and thought about this overwhelming library for weeks!  Throughout all of this searching I have found several WONDERFUL sites for labels.  I’m a BIG believer in not recreating the wheel when you don’t have to, know what I mean?!? 

You can find labels on these sites:  (MY favorites!)

Here are some before pictures:


And here are some “in progress” pictures:





MAYBE by May 18th (last day of school), you’ll see some after pictures!

We found out this week, (keep in mind that we have 9 weeks left) that we need to have students continuously writing book reviews.  SO….in our library, I have created and implemented a Book Review Binder.  My kiddos are LOVING it!  You can see the binder here.  I’m also attaching some freebies that you can download in my TPT store.  It’s a great way to see what your kids are reading and how they feel about the books they are choosing.  It’s really interesting to see two Read to Someone and have completely different reviews!

 DSC00363 Explanation of stars on front cover for reference.

DSC00364 Blank Book Review Pages for students to fill out and place behind their tabs.  My babies have to fill one of these out each time they go to the Book Nook.  They have to choose a book to write about and log the other books on the form below.

DSC00365 Reading Log to keep track of all books read.

DSC00371 Overview of Genres for reference.  I found it on a blog somewhere and can’t remember where!  If you know, please leave me a note letting me know!!

To grab this freebie, click HERE!

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